Friday, April 25, 2008

Less is MORE

After a week off following testing, I was very fired up to get back to Kali training, and it did not disappoint. We started off doing some chi sao (Wing Chun sticky hands) which wove into knife and stick applications as well. The key concept was "less is more". Basically, this means that you should always be using the minimum possible energy (and distance) to redirect your opponent. To do more is inefficient; which basically means you create an opening for the next attack in his/her chain. This was seen with an exaggerated block of a jab leading into an elbow, which when blocked led into a headbutt or knee, etc. Once the defense begins to come apart as a result of inefficiency, it is very hard to recover. See here

This is a video of Sifu Emin Boztepe doing Chi Sao with Michael Casey. You can see once Mr. Casey's defense begins to come undone he just gets hit more and more. The other very important thing to note here is how close together and tight sifu Boztepe's hands are. Chisao done well is done with very slight, small motions that keep the opponent thinking he will hit you, until he overextends and loses balance.

A good lesson for any training, but especially useful in Chinese/Filipino striking arts. Oh, by the way - KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE INSIDE. This also helps an awful lot.