Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hooray for Hollywood

Hooray for Hollwood.  Movie history reflects social history just as art imitates life.
As a boy, Bruce Lee brought Kung Fu/JKD/Nunchakus to all of us in the 70s.  As a teenager, Steven hayes brought Ninjitsu to the masses.  The 90s were about Steven Seagal and aikido.  2000 started off with MMA.  Jacky and Jet have been with us through all of it, while JCVD and Chuck have come and gone like so many others.  Where are we now?

Kali, that's where.

LOVE IT!  The emphasis for the past few years has been less on showy, flashy martial arts and more on stark, brutal realism.  Fight scenes so real you can hear the bones break.

Here is a list of some great Hollywood movies where you can enjoy Kali as it is meant to be enjoyed: right in your face.
  • The Hunted (great Sayoc Kali work here)
  • The Bourne Series (Matt Damon specifically says it's Kali)
  • Mission Impossible Series (very nice job Tom!)
  • James Bond (all of Daniel Craig's fights are using Kali)
  • Taken (nice one Liam Neeson --- very realistic fighting)
  • Batman Series (that's not ninjitsu, it's actually Kali)
  • Kick Ass (yes, it does!)
  • Book of Eli (nice blade work by Denzel)
  • Iron Man 2 (go black widow go!)
  • Transporter Series (a bit theatrical, but good improvised weapons)
  • Lethal Weapon Series (BJJ/FMA mixed)
  • Hanna
  • Repo Men (2010)
  • Mr and Mrs. Smith (nice one Brangelina!)
  • Daredevil (Jennifer Garner)
  • Collateral (nice baton work by Tom in nightclub fight)
  • Blade Series (nicely done Wesley)
Of course it is cinema and real life is not quite like that.  Still, it is more real than what we saw before on the big screen.  Have a look.  Like what you see? More importantly, can you recognize the techniques?

If I have missed a few, I'm sorry.  Comment and let me know.

See you at the movies,