Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One Little Word

Sometimes that makes all the difference. Today we worked on ushiro ryote mochi sankajo osae 1 & 2. Technically, we were able to get it fairly accurate. However, I was aware after the lesson that I spent most of the time doing the technique TO Saori and David, rather than WITH Saori and David.

Of course I know that Aikido's "ai" means harmony and refers to the dynamic union of shite and uke at that brief moment in time when they are together in a single motion. Easier said than done.

To me, that is the next level of improvement in my respond to the feedback from uke dynamically, and make the technique a single fluid motion between us. That will take the rest of my life to achieve, but well worth it. Work on this concept more in class tomorrow.



Vital Signs

vi‧tal  /[vahyt-l] –adjective
1. of or pertaining to life
2. having remarkable energy, liveliness, or force of personality
3. necessary to life
4. necessary to the existence, continuance, or well-being of something
5. of critical importance
6. indispensible

Vital. I like that word, and have been thinking about it all morning. That is how I want my training to be. Vital. Having remarkable energy. Necessary to my well-being. indispensible.

Like many things in our lives, when they are neglected or taken for granted, they diminish.
I often worry that my training will lose focus and intensity, especially when I am travelling so much and burdened with so many other things. It is especially important for me to make my time on the mats counts, and to never become complacent with my current level.

I continue to believe that who I am in the dojo is who I am out of the dojo (at least who I want to be). Vibrant. Participating. Supportive. Obsessed with excellence.

I hope you, too, can keep your energy level high when we train, and be sure to be in the lesson 100% every moment we are there together. Be Vital.



Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"whenever I move, that is aikido"

Excellent quote from O-Sensei, and worthy of a lot of consideration.

I saw it here on a you tube site which looks like Aikikai guys from Sweden or Finland ( A very cool clip of some very cool guys. I also like this clip from Master Tony Yates (

I escpecially note his crisp footwork and very strong atemi, which rocks uke back onto his heels. To me, both of these are great examples of final product after years of work, where the motions are strong and balanced, and there is a dynamic contact between shite and uke.

I get excited whenever I see people that good. I want to be that good. You probably do too.
"Whenever I move, that is aikido"...someday...