Monday, August 30, 2010

It's in the mail

A brief conversation got me thinking about this...

Our lives are a direct result of the choices we make

I mean this in an objective way. That is to say, the good choices we make bring us good returns, and the bad choices we make bring us negative returns. The package is always in the post. And we must open every letter, good or bad. We can revel in the happy letters, but we must also pay the invoices, no matter how expensive.

This applies pretty much universally to our health, our jobs, and our personal relationships.

Guro Fred talked about this a lot in Hilot classes, and in our hearts, I think every single one of us knows it is true. However, we often fall victim to bad choices. Inevitably, these will result in bad things happening, we just don't know when. The package is always in the post.

Before I end up sounding like a Christian trying to guilt you into improving your life, remember that it is comforting also to know that the good choices we make (healthy food habits, frequent training, managing stress) also give us regular benefits that come when we do them. I don't know about you, but I like looking at my mailbox with anticipation rather than dread.

Make today the day that you take control of your life.

Make today the day that you think about the good and bad choices you make.

Make today the day you decide to change even one bad choice for next time.