Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Rule of 10,000

Many of us have heard about the "Rule of 10,000".  It refers to the fact that studies have shown 10,000 hours of study is needed to "master" a skill.  However, let me tell you about another such "Rule of 10,000".
I call this one "The Rule of 10,000 Steps."

Two weeks ago, my acupuncture doctor, Edward Obaidey Sensei, who is fantastic by the way, suggested getting a pedometer and walking at least 10,000 steps every day.  He said that this low impact exercise could contribute to my overall health goals, and do so without risking damage to my knees or other "runner injuries", which he sees plenty of at his clinic.  I went out and bought a counter right away to give it a try.

I have found that carrying the counter in my pocket raises my awareness of how much I walk.  I walk a bit more than before in order to be sure to hit my 10k mark every day and have a much better sense of distance than I used to.  In the first few days I averaged between 5k and 8k, but now I hit at least 10k daily, and often more than 12k on a busy day. 10,000 steps usually equates to just over 7 km of walking distance, and seems to consume about 650 KCal of energy.  While this is surely not the equivalent of an hour at Crossfit, it is a habit that has been pretty easy to set and maintain, and I feel better for it.

I am a very big believer in setting in motion small, simple positive habits that can have a lasting effect on the quality of life.  I truly think this "rule of 10,000 steps" is a great place to start.  I will update more as I continue to count my way to a healthier life - one step at a time.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


300 posts.  wow.

So I have now reached 300 posts on my blog.  I started this blog back in 2005 with the intention of discussing the finer points of aikido training that we did not have time for in class.  Over time, it has evolved into a place where I could document my focus changing from Yoshinkan to Kali Majapahit, and the various similarities and differences between them.

My blog has spanned the range between technical posts, informative/cultural/historical posts, and philosophy/spirituality.  I have also posted on personal growth and development, as I think this is a principal goal of martial arts training.  A large portion of my posts were inspired by people around me and I thank you for always sharing your thoughts and asking questions that make me think.  

I am very proud to say that my blog now has over 17,500 page views and I have received a lot of supportive comments from my readership.  Although I can say that the blog was for my own benefit, it still feels good to have reached so many people and to believe that my entries have had a positive effect on them.

I don't have any specific plan for this blog other than to continue to document my thoughts as I grow and change in my martial arts life.

I am happy to try to tackle any topics that come up, so I encourage you readers to table anything you would like me to discuss.

In closing, thank you everyone for your kind support and attention over these past 8 years.

With much gratitude,