Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Key

Today after Saturday Kali class was ITP, Instructor Training Program.

This is a special series of seminars Guro Fred teaches for those of us planning to teach martial arts one day. Even though my Kali background is very limited so far, I was invited to attend and feel honored. Don't have ITP in your school? Most schools have nothing like this. Maybe they think good instructors will just magically appear; or that somehow higher belts will just figure it out for themselves. Guro Fred leaves nothing to chance. I was impressed by how much thought went into the real skill of teaching, and what being an assistant or an instructor at Ni Tien school really means.

The seminar helps us learn how to present material and lead various classes. I won't put any specifics on the blog, but it is well thought out and well presented. It makes me feel that I may even have what it takes to teach someday, which is encouraging. Guro Fred has very high standards. If I can meet those, I will be justifiably proud.

Teaching others is the highest level of what we can achieve as martial artists and people. It truly is "giving back". To me, this is the key to the training.


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