Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Man in the Mirror (Part 2)

Guro Fred never disappoints. His deep insight drawn from his lifetime of study in Chinese and Filipino arts manifests in some really unique ideas not just on fighting, but on health and personal development as well.
Last night he talked a lot about taking responsibility for your own health. That means that rather than blame other people or circumstances for our state of health, we examine ourselves, our habits, and our lifestyle, and create positive change to improve.
What I really enjoyed about Guro Fred's health lecture was that he was able to extrapolate the long-term effects of bad posture and bad habits into potential damage to bones, joints, and ligaments, which contribute to loss of mobility and functionality much later in life. Guro Fred explains that this is a concept which is central to Chinese/Asian TCM, and a foundation point of Ni Tien, the "two skies" of "martial arts and health" that he teaches.
It is critically important that we all take ownership of our bodies and our lives, and become responsible for our own longevity and happiness. I have alluded to this in other posts, but time to remind all of us (including me) to have a close look at the Man in the Mirror, and accept that the truth we see is the truth we created. It is never too late to have a healthy life. START NOW!

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