Friday, October 10, 2008

Bad Genes? or Bad Excuses?

Over the years I have heard probably every excuse known to man for why a prospective student is not able to join - "I have bad genes", "I have no sports skills/I am just not athletic", "I am just not good at this type of stuff", "I've always been weak/fat/skinny/whatever"...blah blah blah yada yada yada.

Let's face it. Very few of us were born with a perfect body designed to excel at martial arts.
We compare ourselves to those heroes we know of: Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal, Jacky Chan, Jet Li, JC Van-Damme, etc. and we sigh "I could never be like them".
Truth is, these famous athletes have nothing special that you and I do not have.

I strongly suggest you to study the backgrounds of these famous people, and most other famous athletes you know. You will quickly discover that nearly every single one of them overcame significant physical limitations to become the larger-than-life stars they are. In many cases (Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzeneger, Sylvester Stallone), their frail physiques were the main reason for their involvement in bodybuilding.
REPEAT: These famous athletes had nothing special that you and I do not have.

The combination of good training with competent teachers, focus on diet and nutrition, and good old fashioned hard work is UNDENIABLE.

: "Did you think I was just born this way?? yeah, right"

So stop your moaning already - you do not need to be on the same level with those stars; but there is no reason why you cannot get off your ass and start taking control of your own life TODAY...RIGHT NOW. Lots of heroes did more with less. What the hell are you waiting for?

You ask: "Will I become a big, strong, healthy black belt if I start training?"
I answer: "I dunno. But I can promise you what you will get if you don't - NOTHING"

Think about it. See you in class.

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