Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Words have meaning. OK, you think you knew that already. I want you to think about it again.
Every word we say, especially about ourselves, becomes an integral part of our self-concept and how we perceive ourselves. This may differ greatly from the views of those around us (in both positive and negative ways).

No one can change us. Only we can choose to change ourselves. Change from who we think we are to who we want to become. The three important facets of this are: thoughts, words and actions.

We start by working on thinking positively. Taking a moment out every time we become aware of a negative thought about ourselves or our situation - and trying to "re-think it" in a positive way. Meditation helps a lot for this. We cannot change reality, but we can change our perception of reality, which is almost as good.

Our words become critical, as they are a more public and lasting communication than our thoughts. In this way, using words, we convey our thoughts to those around us, in effect "announcing" ourselves and our intentions out where others can be party to them. This strongly influences their perception of us, which in turn influences our perception of ourselves. It is important to make this a positive cycle.

Actions our the building blocks which turn our words into our reality. We must stay committed to positive change in our lives, which leads to positive change in those lives we influence. Action is the critical point when these changes manifest themselves through better habits and routines, which improve our quality of life.

The important point to remember is that this process starts with the self. It starts with us taking ownership for our lives and our circumstances. It means thinking in terms of "I ME MY MINE" and not blaming other people for what has happened. I am not suggesting giving in to the ego. That is being dishonest to yourself, and leads to a lot of other problems. What I am suggesting is avoiding the downward spiral of "negative ego", where we convince ourselves that we cannot improve or succeed.

I promise you a direct, immediate result in your work and personal life once you do.
Those results will last and increase as long as you continue to take ownership and make your thoughts, words, and actions in the first person.


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