Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look Where You Want To Go

He was talking about riding motorcycles - I was thinking about martial arts.
Are they really so different?

You can read Robert M. Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

Here's the gist:

When riding a motorcycle, you need to look where you want the bike to go. Don't think so much about the handlebars or obsess with how to lean or shift your weight - all those things will happen naturally as long as you look where you want to go.

In martial arts it is the same. Many times I see people looking at their feet or hands as is to say "where are they?" (at the end of your arms and legs I would reckon). Looking at them does not help them go where they should. Looking anywhere other than where you want to go creates poor posture; poor balance; poor technique. As long as you look where you want to go, you will get there, plain and simple.

In life, too, it is important to look where you want to go. There are distractions all around us, and we are constantly bombarded by the media, the people around us, and even our own thoughts of negativity. LOOK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Focus your attention on the positive results you seek and you will get there. Not always in the way you expected; not always as quickly as you hoped; but you will get there.

These days are filled with uncertainty, and sometimes you would even think the world as we know it is over. Within a few months everything will be so different. It is what it is and completely beyond my control I must practice "letting go". However,

Now, so do you.

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