Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

My wife kept nagging me about it...finally I relented and agreed to go.
She has been doing "hot Yoga" for nearly 3 years, and I have to admit she looks GREAT (lucky for me!).

Basically, it is a series of 26 poses (asanas) and breathing exercises done over a 90-minute period, two reps each. Why "hot"?
The room is 40 degrees C!
Holy crap that's hot, even for not doing anything. You sweat buckets in there. Rules are: no talking, and no water unless the teacher allows it (only during specific water breaks).

So what happened? Good news and bad news. The good news is - I survived (too stubborn to quit). The bad news - I was barely able to do even a single pose with any sense of self respect. The rest I was too stiff to even get the basic posture correct. It doesn't really matter - everyone is being purified in their own personal hell during the class. It feels so good when it's over.

I would never give up martial arts to do hot yoga, but it is not without benefit.
  • increased flexibility
  • detoxification
  • weight/water loss
  • better passive strength and muscle tone
I strongly encourage everyone to have a go. Make sure you are drinking your 3L of fresh water every day (you knew that already). Do not care so much about being able to do the poses - just stay in and stay alive. Sit down/lie down if you must, but stay in the room for the whole session. You will get used to it. I strongly believe hot yoga has long-term health benefits for everyone who does it. After a few months , you will be slim, I promise. Eat whatever you want, this will blowtorch it off your body. I am planning to go every Tues/Thurs at lunchtime from next week.

I'd like to say I'll see you there, but I'll be too busy sweating and correcting my poses to notice.


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