Friday, May 29, 2009


Doing a bit of Dumog (Filipino wrestling) these days.

Dumog is a brutal type of wrestling which involves takedowns, throws, joint locks, chokes, strangles, and submissions. There are common entries for closing distance, and then the opponent is thrown or dropped to the ground.

Dumog is not usually the first choice, since kalista prefer mobility, but it is an important element to use when circumstances require.

Some points that have arisen so far:
1) Snake
The same concept we use in disarms finds itself applied in Dumog. We snake the head and arms to achieve a better position, and to open up attacking sequences or disrupt the opponents attacks on us.

2) Cold Hard Ground
A lot of Dumog takedowns and throws are designed to make the opponent impact their head/neck on the ground as they go down. We practice these safely in the training, but on the street the opponent is likely out or dead once they hit the ground the first time.

3) Chains
Like our Karenza, techniques in Dumog are practiced in chains, not one at a time. They are a flow of submissions and counters in sequences designed to anticipate the most likely reactions to an attack and put finishes on from there.

4) Pressure
Once the opponent hits the ground, techniques are far more effective if our bodyweight is constantly compressing the opponent. This should make it tough for the opponent to breathe and move, and limit their energy to respond. Hips should be in contact and driving downward through the opponent and into the ground. This means not being on our knees straddling, but being sprawled with hips driving in. Submissions should snake in and then be applied dynamically, by arching the hips and back muscles to get the full body weight into the technique, not just the arms.

5) Striking
On the ground, the best weapons are knees, elbows, and headbutts. They should be vigorously applied to any nearby soft targets and pressure points.

try not to end up like this guy...Happy 'Mogging

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