Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drink the Kool Aid

Yesterday Guro suggested that some of us may be ready to take the next step in achieving our potential. We would be asked to try some lifestyle changes for a while, without faltering, and examine how we feel afterward. These changes could be giving up alcohol or tobacco, going vegetarian, drinking no less than 3L of water per day, 30 mins per day of deep breathingor similar.

What does this mean? Are we being brainwashed? Is this some kind of cult? Is it time to "drink the kool aid"?

I can't answer about those things. What I can say is that it is ALWAYS time to trend yourself toward a healthier lifestyle, and a great way to do this is to challenge yourself to change a habit and observe the benefit. This can be something you need to give up, like television, coffee, sugar, processed foods, fried foods, red meat or it can be something you need to add - get 8 hours or more of sleep per night, use multivitamins/fish oil, regular exercise, sunlight, fresh water.

These things should be viewed as experiments in being...thus, done with emotional attachment and without stress. The goal is to observe the changes in how you feel and how you look, and determine if the change should be made permanent. It has to be done of one's own volition, since being forced (and even forcing ourselves) causes undue stress which can actually offset the benefits of a lifestyle change.

That is to say, some people become so negative and angry/stressful from quitting smoking, that their health is very slow to recover. The benefit of increased lung capacity and healthier breathing is offset by liver/kidney troubles due to the stress of quitting. The net result is flat - no benefit. It is far better to choose to change, and revel in your new energy and attitude.

Guro is not brainwashing us to do something he wants us to do - rather he is suggesting that we should want it for ourselves, and get prepared to reach the next spiritual level in our lives. Let go of our fear to improve, give up our laziness. Spend the time, energy and money we need to ensure our own longevity and happiness.

If that is the kool aid, here's my cup. Make mine a double.

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