Thursday, April 08, 2010

Boxing Basics

Boxing is a core skill which every good fighter should have.
Here are some ideas on how to organize your knowledge of "the sweet science"
Basic attacks
jab (high, low) - lead hand probing shot; bread and butter of boxing
cross (high, low) - rear "power" hand
hook (lead hand, rear hand) - circular shot parallel to the floor. Can be high (head) or low (body)
uppercut (lead hand, rear hand) - tight upward shot perpendicular to the floor.
Basic Blocks
cover - elbow up and hand to ear - like brushing your hair
catch - use rear hand palm/fingers to swat down jab
cuff - use closest hand in a circular motion against cuff of opponent's glove
dodge/slip - bend knees/turn head to evade to inside (near other hand) or outside (away from other hand)
roll - move glove down to ribs, dip head and use shoulder to take shot
cross glove - use opposite side glove to smack down attack
forearm - put foream/elbow tightly against your ribs to protect against low shots
bob and weave - bend knees and dip under the shot. DO NOT lean forward
pull - shift weight to 70% back foot and lean your upper body away from the shot - RETURN IMMEDIATELY
Most common attacks and their blocks
attack block
jab - catch/cuff/pull/dodge
cross - cover/dodge/roll
hook - cover/pull/cross glove/bob and weave, forearm (if low)
uppercut - cover/pull/cross glove, forearm (if low)
Long Distance Attacks (can return long distance counter or close in)
- jab
- cross
* long distance in boxing is actually "middle distance" which extends to kicking range (long distance) or contracts to short distance
Short Distance Attacks (usually returned with short distance counters)
- hook
- uppercut
* short distance expands to long distance or contracts into clinch distance (elbows/knees/headbutt) or grappling/wrestling
Key Footwork Concepts - plant feet everytime you hit; don't hit when moving
triangle stepping - move 45 degrees away from incoming shots (esp hook/cross) to dissipate attack power
triangle punching power - triangle between both feet and puch impact point to generate max power
45 degree principle - slip and evade to step out 45 degrees to opponent's back pocket
V-step - bob and weave should bend knees and be a "V" shape down and back up
See you in the ring!

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