Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This week we lost Jack Lalanne, fitness guru and strongman, at age 96. He was such a remarkable man that his life deserves some reflection by all of us.

Maybe he is known to our generation best for his Jack lalanne Power Juicer and its late-nite TV infomercials, but Jack did so much to promote health and fitness that he should be remembered forever as one of the people who cared about us most.

Some of the important lessons we can learn from Jack:

1) Diet is the Most Important Aspect of Health
Jack changed his life following attendance of a lecture on diet by Paul Bragg. You can, too.

Whether it is his advocacy of juicing or his eschewing sugar and meat long before other people advocated it, Jack knew and practiced that diet and health were one and the same.

2) Exercize in some way EVERY DAY
Jack continued to exercize almost 2 hours daily into his 80s. After a lifetime of fitness he was still able to perform amazing feats long after most people are dead or infirm. He did not make time for exercize - everything else made time for exercize. Health needs to become a priority in our lives for us to achieve longevity.

Jack defined it. He lived a very long life, indeed, but more importantly he lived a FUNCTIONAL LONG LIFE. We all want to live to be at least 96 as Jack did, but none of us want to spend most of it as an invalid due to some debilitating illness that could easily have been avoided with a careful diet (whole foods, plant based) and regular daily exercize. The key to happiness is longevity, and that means keeping your mobility and ability as long as possible.

4) Swimming is Good For You
Jack swam every day, and many of his famous feats of strength and endurance were based on swimming, such as swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf towing a boat- while handcuffed and shackled!! Swimming is a great workout that does not damage joints, and swimmers are some of the fittest of all athletes.

5) Happy Wife, Happy Life
Married to the same woman for 52 years

6) The Hell with what Anybody says
In his day, Jack was beseiged by naysayers who advocated "meat and potatoes" and dismissed him as a health nut. Jack went on to dance over all of their graves. He was fitter and stronger at 80 than any of them had ever been in their entire lives.

7) Create and Innovate
Jack developed lots of training devices and methods because, quite frankly, they didn't exist when he needed them. Research and study, then never be afraid to develop your own tools and techniques if needed. Do not let society or technology's limitations become your own.

8) Keep Your Sense of Humor
Jack was said to always have a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.
Choosing to be happy is an important way to live a longer, healthier life.

Think about these lessons - LIVE YOUNG FOREVER!

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