Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little Flow From Our Friends

Here's a little flow from some of our friends in Balintawak.
Kali Majapahit is not directly based on Balintawak, but we like them a lot and their fluid fighting style is of great interest.

Some things to note:
  • These girls have really nice flow - it's not about power, it's about FLOW
Kadua Guro Guillaume (one of my favorite guys!) notes from his black belt exam, "If I can share something that I wasn’t informed about when I had my exam, is that speed is not important, what is important is the level of control and technique" - well said as always, Guro!
  • In corto distance, misdirecting the opponent's hand can be the decisive factor
Notice how the girls' hands are always near their center and ready to penetrate for misdirection, disarm, hit, whatever.
  • The drill looks a lot like Hubud  (because it is) - stick/knife/empty hand are all the basically the same
  • Balintawak uses less punio (butt end) than we do, but there is enough there to hit with
  • Their hips are basically square to each other all the time so both arms can easily be used
  • As soon as an opening is found, the fight is over - as you can see from the flourish by both players when they win (at 00:09-13 and 00:26-30)
  • The disarm at 00:26 is the outside vine disarm, just like we do!
 On the subject of the outside vine disarm, as you can see, it happens very fast.  These are not big movements, but small and precise.

Something to aspire to!

See you on the mats.

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