Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Magic Pill

Making my way home from Crossfit last night - exhausted.

On my long train ride back I started thinking... people (myself included) can be unbelievably lazy.

On the good side, this tendency toward finding an easier way has given us many of the modern conveniences we now take for granted.  They were all born of the notion that people are willing to pay for convenience - this is at the heart not only of product innovation, but of service quality.

I also have to say that I am a true believer when it comes to improving training methods, and every good instructor I know is as well.  We are always on the lookout for any drill or exercise we can show students to help them pick up the techniques, improve their flow, and generally become better martial artists and people.

Going beyond this is the willingness in FMA, especially in Kali Majapahit, to continually re-evaluate the curriculum and change it to reflect the best possible ways of delivering the material to students.  We have a detailed curriculum to black belt (Kadua Guro) and beyond which helps integrate the various influences in the system including Filipino martial arts, Indonesian Silat, Muay Thai/Muay Boran, Western Boxing/Kickboxing, Hakka Kuntao/Wing Chun and other Southern Chinese styles.

At higher levels, Kali Majapahit practitioners "flow" in their own style, based on their expression of the core concepts of the school.  To reach this level, however, requires that everyone have a common framework of knowledge around impact, edged, and empty hand weapons that develop the fundamental skills that lead to flow.

I wish I could say there is a magic pill - a single exercise or drill that gives everything in one neat, tidy package.  I wish there was a "6 minute abs" of Kali that allowed you to master it with a minimum of effort and commitment.

Sorry, but that just ain't so.

Even with the best training drills and methods, and the best quality instructors delivering the material, excellence in Kali Majapahit really just boils down to the commitment of the individual student -  the person who wants to reach their full potential and trains hard to get there.  It means being in class, working the drills, and training on your own.

I think the end result is well worth the effort.
I hope you agree.

When a magic pill comes out, let me know where to buy it.
Until then, see you at class.

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