Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thoughts on the Cycle Test

Friday night we tested on the cycle material.  This is an event that occurs about every 3 months or so, and it's a great opportunity to show me what you know, and checking where you are at.

We had 9 people testing, which is one of the biggest groups ever, ranging from students who were doing their very first test, to several who have been with me for two years since I started the group.

Overall, I was pleased with the test performance, and everyone gave a good snapshot of their skills at this moment in time.

Some thoughts:

Some keys to improving your stickwork include:
relaxing the shoulders - without this, it is hard to get the sticks to move quickly
pushing from the balls of the feet - important that stance be solid, and that the feet drive the stick
chambering - this helps power and coordination and is especially important for beginners
timing - when one stick is out, the other stick (or hand) should be back.  NEVEr have both hands or both sticks out away from the body
extension - use the length of the weapon, extend your arms fully
targeting - always remember what you are aiming at, and put the stick there, rather than just out in empty space
less is more - keep your stickwork compact, never let your arms wave around away from your body

Kadena De Mano
Some keys to improving your kadena de mano include:
relaxing the shoulders - very important here, too
use your legs - lifting/moving the opponent is done with the legs, not the arms.  Use your arms to hit, grab, control, pull.  Use your legs to lift/move.
the entry is KEY - if you are in the right place at the entry, the rest goes much smoother.
footwork - to be in the right place at the right time, your footwork must be a constant part of your practice
precision is more important than power - good technique is always our objective
chambering - as in stickwork and boxing, if one hand is out, the other should be back to pick up any surprises

Some keys to improving your boxing include:
relaxing the shoulders - yep, here too
rotation - rotation of the shoulder axis and hip axis are critical to hit with power
extension - using the full range of motion of the arms is critical to hit with power
chambering - if one glove is out the other is always back on your cheek.  Always.
retraction - if the punch goes out at 50, it should come back at 100.  Retract FAST!
compact - keep guard, elbow covers, body covers against the body with no space between
bend your knees - very important for giving and receiving hits well
balls of the feet - I shouldn't have to say this anymore, should I?

What do you think?  How did you do?  Feel free to PM me your thoughts.
This was a good milestone, and everyone should be pleased with their performance.
We have much to do in the next cycle.  I CAN'T WAIT!

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