Friday, March 07, 2014

Make a Difference

Watch the video above.

A few takeaways from me:

1) It's All Relative
$1,000 may be a lot for you - It may not be much at all.  To this man, it was EVERYTHING.
The money was not really the thing; it was the KINDNESS; the fact that a stranger went out of his way to share the hope of a better future, and was selfless in giving that hope to this man.  We never know how our actions can influence others.  It is important to make every effort to make those actions POSITIVE and to use our actions to INSPIRE others and create a positive difference.

2) The Power of Dignity
When we lose our self-confidence, we lose our ability to stand tall as a human being among others.  Our eyes look down and we can't make eye contact.  Our shoulders slump and our posture degrades.  You can feel the negative energy from people when they get this way.  ALL CREATURES DESERVE DIGNITY.
This is the single most powerful thing you can give back to everyone, and the precious treasure you should never, ever take away from any creature.  When the giver engages this man with respect, he empowers him to reclaim his dignity.  By doing so he allows this homeless man to open up and overcome his situation.  He makes a REAL connection and can make a REAL difference and allow others to make a REAL difference as well.

You can feel the power when those two men hug each other.  Guro Claes led us through a hugging exercise in the recent Bali Camp as part of our personal development.  It was energizing and created real connections between us.  Living creatures need contact - and hugging is a great way to engage the people we meet and those who are important in our lives.  We should not be afraid of our emotions, but rather be open and confident enough to use them to create deeper and better human connections.

Why is it that we can be kinder to a complete stranger than we can to a member of our own family?
Never forget to give your love and attention first to those closest to you - make sure they know how much you love them - tell them often, but show them even more often.  Don't worry, you will never run out of love for other creatures.  REMIND YOURSELF TO KEEP LOVING EVERY DAY.

This poor man must have been ignored by hundreds, perhaps thousands or people over the time he has been homeless.  All the best intentions didn't make any difference at all.  What it took was someone to DO SOMETHING.   

Every day, make sure that person is YOU; make sure that time is NOW.

See you soon.  


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