Thursday, May 22, 2014

Make the Moment Perfect

We spend so much of our lives waiting.
Waiting in lines.  Waiting to speak. Waiting for the right moment.  Waiting to be shown. Waiting to be taught.  Waiting because we are afraid. Waiting for something to happen...ANYTHING to happen.  Sometimes we don't even know what it is we are waiting for...

Waiting has an important place in our lives.
It teaches us patience and helps reinforce our discipline.  Waiting calms the mind and deepens our sense of humility.

Even in combat, waiting has its place.  Waiting is a luxury that can yield insight into the situation, the opponent, the environment --- waiting can show us the enemy's weakness; it can allow us time to plan our strategy.

All that being said, it is possible to wait too long.  Sometimes, waiting for the perfect moment keeps us from experiencing each moment as it unfolds; it prevents us from taking control and making each moment perfect (which is within our power to do).

Martial arts training yields many benefits and the keys to many doors both inside and outside the dojo.  One of these is decisiveness.  This is the ability of the determined heart to act with resolve; without hesitation.  Decisiveness means "right action in the right moment".  This is akin to the pounce of a jungle cat on its prey...waiting calmly until the right moment, but not longer than that.

If you wait for the perfect moment you will wait forever.
Be decisive and create your own destiny.
See you there.

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