Monday, February 09, 2015

Sacred Geometry

(thanks for the inspiration Jeremy)

GREAT class last night.  Our beginners and intermediates had their own challenges to engage, while the advanced group worked through more free flow in stick, knife and panantukan.

One idea that manifested while watching the advanced group was how to simplify the strategy to a few key points.  Ours is a CQB system largely derived from Inayan Escrima/Barong combat.  Thus, we should generally endeavor to close distance with an opponent, stay standing, and finish quickly and decisively in corto.

Another key understanding is the use of lines and circles in how we flow in response to our opponent.  Generally speaking, when an opponent moves in a linear way we have the option to redirect their line, or to go around/choose a different plane.  In practice, this means that passing their straight line to our outside/inside, responding on a different plane (high/medium/low) or using a circular movement (hook versus jab) can be efficient ways to respond.  For circular attacks (hook/roundhouse) we are often best served by using straight line responses and entering directly along the center line, rather than trying to use a circle of our own.

Of course, in fighting there are rarely any absolutes, but thinking about the lines and circles of techniques can add perspective and is worth consideration.

"Simplicty is the shortest distance between two points" - Bruce Lee

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