Thursday, March 02, 2017

From The Heart

There are camps and there are CAMPS.

There are camps where you work hard, train hard, hit hard, sleep little.  There are camps where you do endless drills - over and over again.  There are camps where you hardly experience the beautiful place you travelled so far to see - stuck in a gym or a conference room or a dojo.  There are camps which are highly commercial, with branded everything and gear for sale at every possible opportunity.  There are camps that promise you the impossible with pithy marketing slogans and cliche catchphrases.  There are camps where everyone keeps to themselves, taking whatever knowledge they can and giving nothing back.  There are "McCamps" which are basically roadshows of the same canned content done repeatedly city by city.

This ain't that.

Guro Claes said it this morning "I want to give you something from my heart".
Sifu James said it yesterday during the meditation "Smile from your heart".
Guro Fred said it during the Health conference "Don't worry so much".
Guro Lila is basically a great, big walking, talking SMILE.  Everything she says is pure sunshine.

There are so many camps in so many places all year round.
Why come to this one?

Simple, it's FROM THE HEART.
There is no ego on display, no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive.
Just sharing. From the heart.

In every single class, from every instructor, you can feel the commitment to sharing.
Guro Fred, Guro Lila, Guro Claes, Sifu James spend all year preparing material for this camp.
Guro Claes comes ready to take us deep into the heart of what he's learned from a lifetime of study with the very best in the world of FMA.  Guro Fred and Guro Lila spend all year researching and developing new training techniques and drills designed to take us higher than before.  Real cutting-edge stuff (pun intended).  Sifu James offers us a glimpse into who we could be if we had his dedication to the Tao - a beautiful intersection of martial, art and spirituality.

The guest instructors as well put heart and soul into the special classes, giving everything they have for us, sharing their passion for their arts and showing us their "secret sauce".  Every day we get to have great fellowship with people from around the world who love what we do, just like we do.

Guro Fred talked to us about the 100% and why it is so much better than 80%, 90% or even 95%.
This camp is proof of that.  IT'S 100%.

There are some good camps out there.  This ain't that.

It's always over way too fast, so let's be grateful for this time together and appreciate all the energy that goes into it - the energy we give and the energy we get.  We are very lucky indeed.

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