Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Lion Is Needed

I liked this video and its powerful message. "you've gotta practice being bold."
Sharath Jason Wilson doesn't using the words "anger" or "aggressiveness" or "violence".  He keeps saying "assertiveness" which is a key attribute we develop in good martial arts training.

Assertiveness is essential in being able to take control of our lives and own the outcomes of our own destinies.  It's essential to act with purpose and conviction and to be able to drive forward when the going inevitably gets tough.  All of us need to learn how to tap into and control those strong emotions when the time is needed.

As he says "it's OK to be angry". Sometimes it is.  "if you never bring (the lion) out you'll never know how to control it when it comes out".  So true.  Many of us have trouble managing our anger.  We cannot "bring the lion out" with control.  Like young Brayden, we cry and shake with emotion and forget that the lion, although scary, is an essential part of who we are and needs to come out sometimes.

In our classes we box or kickbox every lesson.  This is our time to let loose, to let the lion out.  We hit the pads/mitts full force with everything we've got.  In addition to some good cardio it represents an emotional release.  We do this in a controlled environment to avoid injury, but we also get to experience the process and learn how to flip the switch and engage our assertiveness when necessary. We practice transforming from lamb to lion.

I like that this exercise is done with hugging, since it takes away the idea that assertiveness equates to violence.  We must be equally comfortable with expressing other strong emotions, especially LOVE (the most important emotion of all).  Learning to hug each other fully helps us feel comfortable in who we are and accepting of others.  Hugging is one of the most powerful enablers of positivism and much more hugging is needed in this modern world.  I like that this teacher is developing skills like respect and assertiveness in these young men so early - they have great futures ahead of them with such a good role model to guide them.  Find out more about how they are helping young men in Detroit here.

"We are called to be as bold as the lion"

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