Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Two Little Words

Another long day...another long week...
A long, crowded commute to the office for another day filled with meetings - meetings with co-workers; meetings with customers; meetings with visitors from out of town; lunches; dinners; drinks.
A long commute home thinking about all the things I have to do the next day, the next week, the next quarter...

Many of us spend our time thinking about what we "have" to do and who we "have" to meet.  We fill our calendars and day planners with to-do lists of tasks and meetings that never seem to end.  We feel a loss of control and get lost in the ebb and flow of our lives, caught in a never-ending rat race. But are we??

What if I proposed that we change two little words?
We change "have" to into "get" to?  What happens??

"Have to" takes away our control.  It leaves us victimized by our circumstances, burdened by responsibilities we never chose to bear.  It makes other factors our oppressors.  "Get to" expresses our rights and privileges.  It allows us to feel empowered by choice.

Now, instead of all the people I HAVE to meet, I think about all the people I GET to meet.  People I am able to spend time with.  People who can benefit me in many different ways.  Co-workers I can build a relationship with, where we can trust each other to do the right thing for our customers and help each other when needed.  Relationships I can build which I may carry forward for many, many years.  I get to meet customers who can help me understand the right combination of products and services they need to succeed.  Customers who can help me hone my service mentality to razor sharpness.  Customers who push me to be better and deliver more value.  I get to meet managers and leaders of other departments who can help me learn more about our company and what we do, and how we can work together better.  I get to meet people who inspire me for new ideas and vision about the Art of the Possible.

Instead of all the tasks I HAVE to do, what about considering them as tasks I GET to do?  Tasks that will help me develop my knowledge and skills, tasks that will help me find opportunities to collaborate with others.  Tasks that will help me develop patience and perseverance (yes, sometimes that's the best outcome we can hope for).  Tasks that can help me uncover my weaknesses or explore and develop new strengths.  Tasks that show me I am needed by others in order for our common mission to succeed.  Tasks that remind me how good it feels to be a part of something worth doing.

Every meeting I join can teach me something.
Every person I meet can teach me something.

I need to avoid the traps of negativity, and stay focused on positive outcomes rather than complaining about how busy I am or how many people demand my time.

Maybe by just changing a word or two I can change my outlook and connect to my Gratitude Attitude.

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