Friday, November 28, 2008


"There is no such thing as a half-drawn sword" - Samurai Maxim

We have talked before about training - and we know the results are based on the input. This means GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT.

However, it is much more than that. When we bear in mind that the dojo is our laboratory for the real world, we discover that it is a training ground for practicing the skills that will bring us success outside the dojo as well as inside the dojo. In the real world too, GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT. This includes our diet, our relationships at home and at work, and our other hobbies. Excellence begets excellence. An unwavering commitment to excellence is the most important habit any of us can learn. Learning that habit starts in the dojo.

I come to the lesson ready to work hard. I am there on time. Most importantly, I am not "half" into my training. I give 100%, with all the passion and energy I have. I want to leave the dojo physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually exhausted. Then I recharge for next time. This not only gives my training partners the benefit of my full concentration and focus, it give ME the benefit of training those "intangible muscles" like concentration, focus, awareness, commitment, and that killer instict for fighting that can make all the difference between surviving and dying.

Once I train myself to give 100% inside the dojo, I can learn to give 100% outside the dojo. That means being able to apply the same skills of concentration, focus, awareness, commitment and yes, in a business sense, that killer instinct, in my professional and personal life. You can, too. In this sense, I don't mean "dying" as in "you will be killed if you don't give 100% in your personal and professional life". In fact, what I mean is far, far worse. Without passion and energy for life, we simply sleepwalk through it, half-awake, and our minds, our hearts, and our souls slowly wither away. Look around you and you will know what I mean. Armies of zombies on the subway; in the shopping mall; at the office. Lifeless faces reflecting lifeless existences.

"I see dead people...everywhere...they don't know they're dead..."

But living an "awakened life" is not a reward given to fence-sitters. The half-drawn sword is the one that gets you killed. Only by letting go of your fear and going all in can you break through to the other side. As for me, I am "ALL IN, ALL THE TIME" because I know this is the only real way to get the results I want.

Think about what you want.
Think about how you are going to get it.
Are you IN or OUT? There is no halfway.

See you at the table...oh, the big stack of chips in the middle? Those are MINE.

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