Thursday, November 06, 2008

Making the Grade

On Saturday, 14 November, I test for Phase 3 in Kali Majapahit.
If successful, I will move up to intermediate classes from late November.

At this level, what are my expectations? (Guro Fred may have very different views)

Be comfortable in the boxing stance/guard.
Have hip square to target at all times.
Be able to deliver solid, balanced basic punches (jab, cross, hook) while moving.

Be able to affect basic inside/outside/split entry solutions for jab/cross combos.
Deliver follow ups all the way to finish with at least 3 final shots to the opponent on the ground.
Know a few of the most common takedowns.
Be familiar with guntings and how to apply them to jab/cross/hook.
Begin to develop "flow" by having smooth, constant motion.

Double Baston/Single Baston
Be comfortable in Kabka 1-4.
Be comfortable in Sinawali 2-6.
Block basic angles 1-6 with solo baston using both hands.
Know snake disarm.
Have some concept of fighting distance (far, medium, close).

Be comfortable in the basic knife guard with protection for organs/arteries.
Be able to evade or block/parry all basic angles 1-6.
Be able to deliver clockwise disarm to angles 1 and 2.
Know normal and icepick grips.

Health and Body
Have some knowledge of human anatomy (major target areas).
Understand how joints work (elbows, knees, shoulders).
Understand the basics of breathing and posture.
Be aware of the importance of drinking water every day.
Understand the importance of walking properly and being aware of your feet.
Know the difference between acid and alkaline foods.
Begin asymmetric exercises to develop brain hemisphere independence.

Not bad for 6 months of is a lot to know and remember, but I think getting these right is the key to building a strong Kali foundation. I suspect that the intermediate level will have a lot to do with the application of the above skills.

I can hardly wait!

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