Monday, November 10, 2008

Integration Week

Whew! Test passed for both George (Phase 1) and I (Phase 3 - intermediate).
Very tired after that but satisfied with the result.

After each cycle, we have a week off of training at Ni Tien for "integration week". What is that all about?

Integration week is a one-week break during which we can:

  • rest and recover any micro-injuries we have had during the cycle
  • have time to think about the cycle and review what happened/what we learned
  • goalset for the upcoming cycle and clarify objectives/improvements
  • do a bit of background reading/research on martial arts
  • watch videos of martial arts on Youtube! or get DVDs
Physically, I think it is good to get the break and let the body heal.
However, "idle hands are the devil's playthings"...
Here are some things I suggest to keep busy during integration week:

Cardio - while I am against any weights during integration week, the heart is a muscle you can always work out...try to keep it low intensity, though
Yoga/stretching - always worthwhile, and a good way to remove lactic acid from the cycle and not get stiff
Fasting - a fast can help clean out your body and focus you for the next cycle. Do with care.
Tai chi Style - step through the movements (kabka, sinawali, angles 1-5, shadowboxing). All movements should be done AS SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE. Just for cementing muscle memory. This one is great done blindfolded or with eyes closed. GO SLOW.
Asymmetric exercizes - always worth doing. do them slow and workout your brain, not your body
Swim - great low-impact workout. Keep it slow and steady
DRINK WATER - that never stops. Make sure you are getting your 3 liters a day in.

There you go. Don't get bored, there is plenty to do even during integration week.
See you at Ni Tien from 17 Nov.

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