Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Give The Gift

Someone new starting a new life.
They asked. I explained. They saw. They liked.
Soon they will embark on their voyage in the martial arts.
It is a sacred journey that can truly take you anywhere you want to go.

My own journey in the martial arts started nearly 30 years ago.
I had my first day on the mats like everybody does. Since then my life has changed so much. I cannot begin to count all the great things martial arts training has given me. Where would I even start??

For those of you, my brothers and sisters, you know just what I mean.
Martial arts has changed you. It has made you better. I don't just mean stronger, faster, more flexible. I mean it has given you courage and confidence, helped you overcome your shyness or lack of focus, helped you find out who you really are. It has empowered you to change your life.

This gift is the greatest gift we can give - the gift of life. The gift of change.
It is the gift we give when we introduce someone new into a life in martial arts.
We show them a doorway to a path that they can walk forever, and that will never stop giving them and the people around them a richer, fuller time on Earth.


It costs you nothing to tell friends, coworkers, family members, classmates, boyfriend/girlfriend.

Tell them, better still, SHOW THEM the difference martial arts training has made in your life.
They will want it, too.

Together we can change the world one new student at a time.

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