Sunday, January 03, 2010

Another reason for gun control

This just off CNN. A 4 year old boy accidentally shot and killed at church by a stray bullet.

Another reason why I don't want my kids to grow up in the US, in a culture of random violence.
The laws, and the safety training, are still so lax that stories like the above are commonplace. I refer to Jeff Cooper's easy to follow four rules of gun safety.

I know every right wing NRA advocate will insist that they be allowed their Second Amendment rights "to bear arms". I'd like to hear their explanation about how we prevent incidents like the story above.

I learned how to shoot pistols, rifles, and shotguns as part of my martial arts training.
However, I would be the first in line to forgo my right to bear arms in the interest of public safety. There are parts of the world where it is very dangerous to grow up. The United States of America should not be one of them. I choose Japan because it offers me the chance to work, an interesting culture to study, a fascinating language to master, as well as a safe environment for my boys to grow up. Singapore was the same. The risk - reward profile in the US simply doesn't make sense to me. It probably doesn't make sense to the mother of that poor 4 year old boy either.

We have models such as Japan and the UK for gun control that can be leveraged in the US.
It is sad that the NRA and other right wing organizations care more about their own memberships and the strength of their lobbying efforts than they do about the lives of children.


Spirit of Albion said...

As an American who legally owns guns I disagree with the basis of your argument that all guns are bad. Guns are dangerous but so is driving a car. Should we ban driving because thousands of people are killed and injured in car accidents each and every year? Far more people are hurt in car accidents in the US compared to random gun violence. I think the real problem with guns in America is their misuse by people who shouldn’t be allowed to access guns in the first place. Look up the Switzerland gun model for the correct way to own guns.

At the end of the day I own guns for personal protection and personal enjoyment. I’m not right wing, a Republican, nor an NRA member. The sad fact of life is that there are bad people in this world and good people should not back down when confronted or have to live in fear of these people. My guns are nothing more than a fire extinguisher. I’m not just going to sit back and wait for cop if some maniac is trying to harm my family. I accept the personal responsibility of gun ownership. Of course not all people should be allowed to own guns just like not all people should be allowed to drive a car.

The media only covers plane crashes not plane landings after all. You would be hard pressed to find a positive story about anything in the media. That sad story is the exception and not the rule. Just like when I read about the knife violence in the UK or the high suicide rate in Japan.

John Honeyman said...

Thanks for the post Spirit of Albion.

I would say that for most people in the US, owning a car is a necessity of life, and the basic daily functions of going to work/school, shopping for groceries, and the like would not easily be possible without one. I disagree that this is the case with guns, especially handguns.

I think that the handgun safety and registration procedures in the US are poor, and as you rightly point out, far too many people own guns who should not, such as the idiot who killed the 4 year old boy I refer to.

Our beliefs on the appropriate and responsible ownership of firearms are very similar, but I would still give up that right entirely if it would help prevent accidents like this one.

I also agree that the Swiss model is a good one for consideration in the US.

All the best for you and yours in 2010 and thanks again for reading and sharing.