Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to Basics 2010

Finally. After a few weeks of holiday time where the calendar was against us, my being out of town on Dec 18 and having both Christmas and New Year's Day fall on Fridays, we ended up going nearly a month without class.

Last Friday we recommenced our study group in earnest, refreshing our memory on the basic grip, basic angles 1-8, basic blocks, and kabkas. Our study group is intended to drill the first year curriculum of Kali Majapahit, but even if it were not, I LOVE to start the New Year getting back to basics. It is a way of reminding yourself purposefully that basics are the foundation of progress and that good basics lead to good techniques.

2010 promises to be an exciting year.
There is a great camp coming up in March in Bali, as well as a lot of changes happening in Kali Majapahit Singapore. In Japan we are going to focus on training hard, and on getting "official" with some marketing of the study group. It may even be possible to have visitors from Singapore come to teach some classes this year. I am also going to make a plan to prepare and test for 2nd dan in Yoshinkan Aikido in 2010.

I am excited about this year, and I hope you are too.

See you Friday night at the usual time (19:00), in the usual place.


Rick said...

Good basics will keep you alive. Some of the best videos I've seen were things as simple as a master drawing the sword perfectly


cheryl said...

john we miss you cheryl and sam 707 765 1887 or 707 292 3924