Thursday, January 28, 2010

Horses For Courses

Today I got the happy news that one of my friends has started Yoshinkan Aikido.
For her, the physical part is not the issue - she has years of classical ballet training and is an avid snowboarder; she looks just like she did when she was 18 (current age undisclosed).
She joked, "the hardest part was waking up early to get to 7am training".

Everyone faces their own unique set of challenges in training.
Everyone also has their own unique set of goals they want to achieve.

For some it is self-defense, for others, physical fitness. Still others want to improve their self-esteem and confidence. Some students want to explore their own spirituality. Many people train becuase of the special fellowship they build with other students in the community of the dojo. Many of my brothers and sisters train so that they can become teachers themselves some day and help others to change their lives.

For her, it is building the discipline of getting up early. One day at a time, one training at a time, she will prove to herself that she can master her own life, and develop the habits that will help her find her own special brand of success.

Celebrate yourself.
Celebrate the reasons that brought you to your martial arts.
Celebrate each little goal you reach in your training, that brings you more and more of the life you want.
Celebrate every positive change you make.
Celebrate your improvement.

Every new student makes me feel like celebrating.
The dojo is always the best place to be.

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